A new level of fan engagement

Keep your fanbase engaged at all times. Fanomix matches top global brands with high-intent communities by creating stories that resonate.

What's Fanomix?

Fanomix is a custom mobile keyboard solution that helps top app developers drive greater engagement to their fanbases. We provide a direct communication channel for fans to always be just a few clicks away from their favorite news and updates.

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Drive greater engagement

Deliver a safe ecosystem for your fans to engage with news and updates, express their commitment, and benefit from great deals from their favorite brands. All via the keyboard.

Cookieless solution

Provide data privacy and cookieless safety for all worldwide users within your franchise with a custom Fanomix ecosystem.

Friction-free experience

Bring your fanbases closer to their favorite mobile apps by capturing user intent with a friction-free custom mobile keyboard experience for scalable growth.

Incremental Performance

Connect loyal fans with custom-made content and the world’s top brands, offering relevant and safe purchase opportunities available at all times.

Standard ads are boring

Consciously approach fan audiences that better resonate with subtle and relevant touchpoints.

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A new level of fan engagement